Rachelle Rueschenberg - Triple Diamond Leader
I started It Works! in June of 2013. I joined this business because it was only $100 and why not give it a try!!! I didn’t try a wrap or any other products when I signed up, I just did it! I got my kit in the mail a week later and I tried a wrap and was completely blown away! I couldn’t believe the results that I had after just 45 minutes. I immediately posted my before and after photo on facebook and that’s where it all began for me. My friends saw it and they wanted to try it too! They had seen it before, but didn’t believe it because they didn’t know the people that they saw it from. They knew me, and they trusted me!
I began using the products and immediately fell in LOVE with them! Everyone asks me what my favorite product is and I have to say that they Greens are by far my favorite product! I lost 15 lbs the very first month of being on the Greens, Thermofit and Fat Fighters. I was hooked instantly! I also am completely infatuated with our skin care line! I was using another popular brand for 15 years prior to starting this business. It took me winning the skin care line in a contest from my upline and my BFF (who was also using the other brand for that long) telling me about it to get me to actually try it. It was love at first wash!! I could go on and on about the products and how much I love them!!
My launch party was my very first It Works! party that I had. My sponsor came over and helped me through it! It went really well! All 3 guests signed up as customers that day! 2 of them are still It Works! customers to this day! The other changed her mind on her way home and joined my team and is still rocking her business as well! My second party was HUGE! There were 12 women there that all wrapped! HELLO WRAP CASH! I left that party with $300 CASH in my pocket and 6 new customers! I was SO happy!!
It took me 4 months to go Ruby (average $5603 annually) and that is when I really caught the vision of this amazing opportunity that I has my hands on. I worked with my team and we all pushed really hard and 4 months later, I hit Diamond (average $23,002 annual). I earned a $10,000 GOOD bonus when I went Diamond. 2 months later, I hit Double Diamond (average $54,309 annually) and earned another $15,000 GOOD bonus. I also got my husband to Diamond at that same time and earned and additional $10,000 GOOD bonus on his account. $35,000 in bonuses in just 10 short months. I was able to retire from my 7-4, M-F payroll specialist position. The journey hasn’t always been easy, but it has definitely been WORTH IT! One year later, I hit Triple Diamond (average $104,842 annually) and earned another $25,000 GOOD bonus. 
This business has changed my life in ways that I never would have expected. I have made the most amazing friendships and have a new family that I have always been missing. I have brought closer to God through It Works! I have become a better person since I started this journey. I have become a better mother and wife. I have been able to travel and do things that I have always dreamed of doing just because I said YES to this one girl that I met on facebook! I owe Ashley every bit of thanks and am so grateful that God put her in my path. I truly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason!! I still sometimes can’t believe this is really my life! 

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